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PNG FM hails cooperation with China


2022-06-05 10:03:30

Soroi Eoe, minister of foreign affairs and international trade of Papua New Guinea (PNG), has hailed the win-win cooperation between PNG and China.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Eoe said that what China has been doing is supportive for socio-economic development in South Pacific region, especially for Papua New Guinea.

He said PNG and other Pacific island countries have long been treated as exporters of raw materials, and some countries imposed restrictions on PNG through laws and treaties, deliberately making it dependent on importing countries.

He said PNG has exported nearly 80 percent of its resources as raw materials over the past several decades, but its economy has remained weak, and education and health services have lagged behind. He stressed that PNG has the right to protect its own resources and say no.

He said PNG was willing to work with those who are keen to help it in an equal, fair and sharing way, adding that China is willing to increase cooperation with PNG, especially to help the country develop its processing industry, expand exports of manufactured products and speed up its modernization, which is welcomed by PNG.

Every proposal by China is for mutual benefit, not for exploitation, Eoe said, hoping that other major countries could follow suit.

PNG hopes to strengthen synergy with China, expand opportunities, develop the economy and create more jobs, he said, adding that PNG should not be a bystander, nor should it be left behind.

PNG wants to be a participant and builder in the world, and achieve common development, he said.

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