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Negotiations needed to bring ceasefire in Ukraine: France's Macron


2022-06-16 09:03:14

The Ukrainian president will have to negotiate with Russia, and the Europeans will also be present at the negotiating table, bringing security guarantees, visiting French President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday at a NATO base in southeastern Romania.

"We want to build peace, which means that at some point the fire must stop and the talks must resume," Macron told a joint press conference with his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis after their talks at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Air Base.

Macron emphasized that France had taken steps to prevent the conflict. According to him, France will continue to support Ukraine to defend itself, to help it economically, financially, and in terms of the humanitarian plan.

Iohannis, for his part, expressed thanks for the French military"s presence in Romania and for France"s assumption of the role of NATO battle group leader in the country.

According to him, "a special focus of our discussions was on the preparation of the NATO Summit in Madrid, which will take key decisions for the future of the alliance and for our common security."

"We firstly discussed the need to strengthen the deterrence and defense posture on the Eastern Flank, especially, certainly, on the Black Sea, about the new strategic concept, about the support of the Alliance partners and the prospects of Sweden and Finland"s accession," added Iohannis.

He also said Romania is determined to play a positive role in solving the problem related to the transport of cereals from Ukraine to international markets.

"We have transported hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wheat from Ukraine to Constanta and from there to the markets of the world, but, obviously, a significant increase in this capacity is needed and we are, together with our partners, willing and interested to develop these ways quickly," Iohannis said.

Macron arrived late Tuesday in Romania. He will leave for Chisinau later on Wednesday.

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