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Chinese envoy calls on UN Security Council to adjust Sudan sanctions


2022-06-22 10:03:20

A Chinese envoy on Tuesday called on the Security Council to adjust sanctions against Sudan in a timely manner.

The Darfur region of Sudan is at a critical stage of transitioning from peacekeeping to peacebuilding. The security situation in the region is largely stable, but remains fragile, with violent incidents, including intercommunal clashes, occurring from time to time, said Counselor Xing Jisheng of the Chinese Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

Following the withdrawal of the United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur, the Sudanese government assumes the primary responsibility for the protection of civilians. The Security Council should make timely adjustments to the sanctions on Sudan in light of the evolving situation, and create good conditions for the Sudanese government to strengthen its capacity for protecting civilians, he told the Security Council.

"Security Council Resolution 2620 calls for the establishment of clear, well-defined and realistic benchmarks for adjusting Sudan sanctions by August 31. China hopes that this requirement can be implemented in a timely manner," said Xing.

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