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Jining Zoucheng's 220 million yuan tax rebate solves the "crux" of enterprise development


2022-06-23 19:44:22 · Lightning News, June 23rd, "We received a total of 220 million yuan in tax refunds, which effectively increased corporate liquidity and eased the pressure on capital turnover. It is the good policy of the state to support the development of market entities that has enabled us to The difficulty is over!” said Wang Peng, chairman of Shandong Yankuang Light Alloy Co., Ltd., “It only took two or three hours from the time we submitted the application to the receipt of the tax refund, which was convenient and fast. Previously, there were many comrades from the Zoucheng Taxation Bureau. Active on-site service, 'one-on-one' explained the VAT refund policy for our company, and the service was warm, thoughtful and meticulous."

The reporter learned in the interview that Shandong Yankuang Light Alloy Co., Ltd. is a high-end industrial aluminum profile production enterprise with an investment of more than 3 billion yuan. On the way to further innovate products and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Affected by the epidemic and the increasing downward pressure on the economy, in the case of the high cost price of the upstream aluminum ingot industry and the decline in the demand for orders in the downstream automobile manufacturing industry, cash flow once became a "crux" that hindered the business development of the company.

On June 14, after learning of the situation, the Jining Zoucheng Taxation Bureau, in accordance with the company's bailout policy, took the initiative to visit the door to provide the company with a tax refund of 220 million yuan. A real "cash flow".

Since the introduction of the new combined tax and fee support policy for enterprise development, the Zoucheng Tax Bureau has acted quickly and taken multiple measures to practice the work style of "strictness, meticulousness, realism and swiftness". Push tax preferential policies and bonus bills to ensure that preferential policies take root.

This bureau uses the "offline", DingTalk and other "online" methods of the Tax Service Office to communicate with taxpayers, to get a detailed grasp of the production and operation situation of the enterprise and the difficulties existing at this stage, and to further open up the market entities to enjoy preferential tax and fee concessions. The "difficulties" and "blocking points" allow the "real money" of tax reduction and fee reduction to fall to enterprises and benefit individuals as soon as possible. At the same time, carry out the action of “Party members take root and serve by their side”, do a good job of benefiting the people, build a “mini-tax office for the people” with multiple layouts, and rely on the tax big data platform to strengthen the concept of “governing tax with numbers”, from “I want to What to push" has been changed to "what taxpayers want", and further improve the precise push of policies.

"Continuing to increase tax cuts and fee reductions, and implementing new combined tax and fee support policies are powerful measures to help market players overcome the difficulties of the epidemic. The large-scale value-added tax refund policy focuses on key support such as small and micro enterprises and manufacturing industries. In the industry, starting from both increment and stock, increase the intensity and scale of tax rebates, strive to deliver 'real money' to enterprises faster and better, increase corporate cash flow, stabilize market expectations, and boost market confidence ." Xue Peng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Zoucheng Taxation Bureau, introduced that the policy service team established by the Zoucheng Taxation Bureau brought together the "three divisions" experts of the whole system, members of the talent pool at all levels and other business backbones, "hand-in-hand" to guide taxpayers, To payers, it is convenient to handle business, so that more taxpayers and payers can benefit from the preferential policies, so that they can enjoy it to the fullest.

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