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Institutions sold these 19 shares today and bought Changan Automobile for 105 million yuan


2022-06-23 19:45:56

After-hours data shows that on June 23, a total of 35 stocks showed institutional presence in the Dragon Tiger List, 16 stocks showed institutional net purchases, and 19 stocks showed institutional net sales.

The top three stocks that institutions bought net on that day were Changan Automobile, Kelai Electromechanical, and Wangbian Electric, with net purchases of 105 million yuan, 61.65 million yuan, and 61.17 million yuan respectively.

The top three stocks sold by institutions on that day were Shandong Heda, Sanquan Foods, and Tellus A, with net outflows of 299 million yuan, 34.78 million yuan, and 27.52 million yuan respectively.

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