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The bilingual live broadcast with goods is "out of the circle", and the transformation still needs a new hard way


2022-06-16 10:05:07

[Economic Observation] Bilingual live streaming with goods is "out of the circle", and the transformation still needs a new hard way

"Literature should pay attention to those ordinary people, because they are more touching and empowering." "There are poems and books in the belly, mountains and rivers in the eyebrows"... If it weren't for the commodity links that pop up occasionally on the page, the atmosphere of the Dongfang Selection live broadcast room might make People forget that this is a live broadcast with goods, but think it is a classroom for knowledge sharing.The anchors speak literature, teach English, and also talk about everyday things. The audience in the comment area listened with great interest, and the statistics of "placed an order" and "hot selling 9999+" appearing from time to time prove that the anchors bring goods. ability.

From the morning of June 14th to the early morning of June 15th, New Oriental's live streaming platform, Oriental Selection, conducted a live broadcast of nearly 19 hours.The live broadcast continued the characteristics of New Oriental's "frequent golden sentences and versatile talents". In addition to the usual operation of using the "little whiteboard" to teach English words while introducing products, some anchors talked about Du Fu's family and country feelings, and some anchors used Play the guitar and sing English songs.Netizens call the delivery style of the Oriental Selection Live Room the "delivery ceiling".At noon on the 15th, the number of Dongfang selected Douyin fans has reached more than 6.4 million, and the number of fans has increased by more than 5 million within 7 days.

Behind the "fire out of the circle" is New Oriental's transformation and exploration.On December 28 last year, New Oriental announced the establishment of Oriental Selection to enter live broadcast delivery.The road to transformation was not achieved overnight, and the response to the delivery of agricultural products in the first few months was flat.After 6 months, New Oriental has finally found a live broadcast path full of its own characteristics. It is refreshing to move from live broadcast with "goods" to live broadcast with "knowledge".


To create the "most literate and quietest" live broadcast room is inseparable from a strong team.It is understood that the anchors of the New Oriental live broadcast room team are all teachers of the company, and the skills acquired by the three-foot podium have been used in the live broadcast.Their language is fluent, their expressions are clear, they are quoted from other sources, or they speak in a straightforward manner, showing a strong ability to control the field and a wealth of knowledge reserves.

As a veteran education group, New Oriental has also grasped the new way of transformation.After repositioning as an "education company with educational products as its core", New Oriental has found the sales channel of live streaming.After expanding the category of goods to books, teachers are like a duck to water, using chicken soup for the soul and humorous jokes together, and the bilingual live broadcast of goods is unique.The selection of the East, which has stepped out of the differentiated route, can be described as a "clear stream" in the live broadcast circle, which has prompted the transformation of New Oriental to finally usher in a "burst point".

The market gave quick feedback on the popularity of New Oriental's live streaming.According to the data of the third-party monitoring platform, the number of viewers reached 31.669 million in just one live broadcast from June 14th to 15th, and the sales of goods were 45.095 million yuan, which was 50 times that of a live broadcast in early June.At the same time, the popularity of the live broadcast room also drove the company's stock price to rise sharply.

From the wading live broadcast at the end of 2021 to the recent explosion, the transformation of New Oriental has taken half a year.In the past six months, I have written a vivid footnote for the accumulation and development. Behind the half-year is the accumulation of nearly 30 years of education.Combining its own characteristics to explore new paths, "old companies" embark on a new track and actively "re-start a business" is worthy of recognition. The transformation of New Oriental also provides a reference and motivation for companies facing difficulties at present.

While moved by New Oriental's spirit of striving for improvement, there are still more issues that need to be paid attention to.Can "Bilingual Delivery" maintain its vitality for a long time or is it just a flash in the pan?What is the future trend of fans and goods after the surge?In addition, as an education technology company, New Oriental's supply chain management and selection is one of the main tests in the future.Therefore, industry insiders pointed out that the selection of Dongfang should be based on product quality, on the basis of enhancing the core competitiveness of products, carry forward the live broadcast style of the new East style, create a live broadcast space with worthwhile and long-term knowledge, and ensure the consumption experience in all aspects. Only then can it be stable. reach far.

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