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Revealed! The full list of the 2nd "Nengjian Cup" Quality Engineering Award


2022-06-23 19:47:45

Energy China is guided by the "Several Opinions" and the "1466" strategy, comprehensively strengthens scientific management, continuously promotes engineering projects to create excellence and excellence, and strives to build a quality brand of Energy China.

The company organized and carried out the selection of the second "Nengjian Cup" high-quality engineering award. The evaluation work focused on actively adapting to the "three major economic forms", implementing the "three major development goals", helping to improve the "three new" energy levels, and highlighting the selection Actively implement the "30·60" goals and promote new energy business expansion projects, highlight projects that are closely integrated with the company's "overseas priority" strategy and promote the optimization and improvement of international business, and highlight investment-driven and innovative business models. The following ten high-quality projects were selected by highlighting and selecting projects that expand non-electricity business fields and help upgrade the city's business system, and highlight and select projects with strong comprehensive strength.

The second "Nengjian Cup" high-quality project

Showcase of winning projects


Pakistan NEELUM·JHELUM Hydropower Project

The largest hydropower project undertaken by my country in Pakistan has a complex structure and construction technical difficulty is rare in the world. During the construction, world-class problems such as "crossing the Himalayan fault zone and encountering extremely strong rock bursts", "super-long water diversion tunnels crossing the riverbed to contain strong water inflows" and "construction of the deepest pressure regulating shaft in Asia" were overcome. The project has won 3 national patents, 2 construction methods, and 7 provincial (ministerial) scientific and technological progress awards. The power generation accounts for 12% of Pakistan's hydropower generation, and is known as Pakistan's "Three Gorges Project".


Jinneng Baode 2×660MW Ultra-Supercritical Low Calorific Value Coal Power Generation Project

It is the first 660MW ultra-supercritical direct air-cooled low calorific value coal generating unit in China, a model project of coal-electricity integration in Shanxi Province, and a key project in the energy development strategy of “simultaneous coal and power transmission” in Shanxi Province. As an energy cooperation project between Jiangsu Province and Shanxi Province, this project has realized the optimal allocation of resources between regions of "West-East Power Transmission". The engineering building structure and installation quality are reliable, and the craftsmanship is beautiful. It has won a total of 45 scientific and technological progress awards at the provincial (ministerial) level and above, construction methods and practical patents.


Jingneng Shuangxin 2×350MW Low Calorific Value Coal Power Generation Project

The project has played a positive role in improving the local environmental quality, improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy, and increasing the power supply of the Inner Mongolia Power Grid during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period. As a project of "small investment leveraging general contracting", the "five-fine" management is vigorously implemented in the construction process to create a smart chemical site on the construction site; the model guides the way, the physical quality is excellent, the craftsmanship is beautiful, and the "process control, one-time success" is realized. Excellent"; won 1 provincial (ministerial) level science and technology award, 2 invention patents, 12 utility model patents, and 3 technological innovations.


Vietnam Hai Duong 2×600MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project

Energy China actively implements the national "One Belt, One Road" initiative, and has a large-scale thermal power project invested, constructed and operated in Vietnam. It is also the largest single investment project by a Chinese enterprise in Vietnam so far. The project makes full use of independent technology, adopts three-dimensional design methods, implements model guides, and has excellent craftsmanship. It was highly appraised by Vietnam National Quality Inspection Committee.


Shenhua Guohua Indonesia Java No. 7 2×1050MW Coal-fired Power Generation Project

A model project for the strategic alignment of China's "One Belt, One Road" and Indonesia's "Global Marine Pivot". The project integrates advanced, environmentally friendly and digital thermal power generation technology "China Solution", and has become an efficient and environmentally friendly power station with the largest single unit capacity, the highest parameters, the most advanced technology and the best indicators invested and constructed overseas by China. The project has won 9 provincial (ministerial) science and technology awards, 5 outstanding QC achievements, 2 construction methods, and 9 patents, and won the "2021 Gold Award for Coal Power Projects" by the Asian power industry Oscar.


Shanxi Pingding 100MW Wind Power Project

The first new energy project independently developed and constructed by China Energy Construction in Shanxi is listed as a key project in Shanxi Province. The project gives full play to the integrated advantages of "investment, construction and operation" of China Energy Engineering, and realizes "energy construction and manufacturing" in the whole life cycle from investment to construction, from commissioning to operation and maintenance; strengthens organization and management, and realizes completion and production within one year of construction, which demonstrates the "Building speed" is an excellent case of mountain wind farms. The project actively carried out quality technology research and innovation, and won awards such as special QC achievements in Shanxi Province.


Guangzhou Development Taishan Fishery Photovoltaic Industrial Park Phase II Project

Taishan City's "fishing and photovoltaic complementary" photovoltaic power generation comprehensive utilization demonstration project promotes the construction of "photovoltaic town" in Taishan City and the transformation of the local fishery industry to modern and efficient fish farming. The income of fishermen has increased and agricultural science has increased green, contributing to the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The project optimizes the arrangement of photovoltaic modules to increase power generation while reducing the number of equipment, saving land and reducing project investment.


Vietnam Fuan Huahui 257MWp Photovoltaic Project

The largest overseas photovoltaic power station undertaken by China Energy Construction. Adopting the international advanced photovoltaic power station design technology, the quality of each link is strictly controlled from the production of design documents, equipment and materials, to the whole process of construction technology. During the construction process, scientific management and efficient integration of domestic and foreign resources have overcome difficulties such as short construction period, complex environment, harsh climate, difficult construction, and difficult logistics support, creating the fastest construction speed for similar projects, and further polishing CEEC. overseas market brands.


Commercial housing project of plot 08-02 on the north side of Xunan Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai

China Energy Construction's first "5G technology" residential project consists of "green health, national craftsmanship, industrial integration, smart interconnection, and value-added services". In the construction of the project, we pay attention to the process of creating excellence, strictly control the quality and craftsmanship, and present a technological, green, healthy and high-standard construction quality from design to construction, and have obtained the international double certification of green building (China Green Building Design Mark Three-star, Germany DGNB) , the 14th Jingrui Science and Technology Award Sustainable Community Gold Award, Shanghai Green Building Contribution Award and other awards.


Jingzhou City North Expressway (Jiangjiang Jihan Canal-Shanghai Avenue) Construction Project

The first PPP demonstration project of the Ministry of Finance in Jingzhou is also the largest municipal infrastructure construction project since Jingzhou was established. The project is constructed in the BOT mode, covering a number of sub-projects such as foundation treatment, municipal roads and bridges, comprehensive pipe corridors, tunnels and culverts. During the construction process, adhering to the concept of green construction, focusing on the combination of scientific and technological innovation and construction management, carrying out scientific and technological research and development work such as construction waste recycling material filling subgrade technology, and obtained 7 patents, 3 software copyrights, high-quality structure, safe and civilized construction site, Excellent QC achievements and other awards.

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