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Joyvio Blueberry joins hands with Nai Xue's tea co-branded tea drink "Domineering Blueberry" for the first time for a limited time tasting for 1 month


2022-05-29 17:05:45

Domineering blueberry debut!Joyvio Blueberry joined hands with Nai Xue's tea for the first time, and jointly launched the co-branded tea drink "Domineering Blueberry", which officially landed in Nai Xue's national stores on April 15. The limited-time tasting period is one month, adding more to this early summer. What an enticing flavor.

This new product of the joint name dares to be called "Domineering Blueberry", and its confidence naturally comes from the "Blue Friend" Jiawo Blueberry, which is stable in the C position.Joyvio blueberries grow in the mountains of Yunnan at an altitude of more than 1,400 meters, with unique geographical environment and climatic conditions. "Domineering Blueberry" is a well-deserved dazzling protagonist.

Each cup of "Domineering Blueberry" is purely hand-processed, retaining the fresh and sweet flavor of Jiawo blueberries on the branches, plus the divine assistance of mulberry, raspberry juice, and golden peony tea base, the taste is full of Q bombs, sweet and sour, The refreshing "one summer" wakes up from this moment.

"Domineering Blueberry" is not only supported by Joyvio Blueberry, but also has super domineering gameplay.Use the co-branded big eye cup cover to create a dazzling shape, and post a beautiful photo on Nai Xue's tea Weibo super chat, with the topic #DomineeringBlueberry#, and two official @鄭雪的茶@小佳维爱果生活Number, you have the opportunity to get a small gift box of Joyvio blueberry (4 boxes) and a 100 yuan Naixue heart card.

The epidemic has not subsided, and online classes must continue.Jiawo Blueberry and Naixue's new joint product - "Domineering Blueberry", is likely to become a tea drink that "even my mother loves", online classes, watching TV shows, reading books, brushing mobile phones, watching computers, and tired eyes , have a cup of seductive eyes.After all, blueberries are full of natural anthocyanins. If you use too much eyes, eat Javier blueberries.

Next time, which partner will Joyvio Blueberry form an eye-catching CP to play with more new cross-border gameplay, let us eat more Joyvio blueberries, keep a pair of shining eyes, and wait and see!

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