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Jiang Wei, Chinese Consul General in Almaty, Attends the Roundtable on "Prospects and Challenges of China-Kazakhstan Cooperation under the New Situation"


2022-05-29 15:17:55

Jiang Wei, Chinese Consul General in Almaty, Attends the Roundtable on

Jiang Wei, Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Almaty, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Photo courtesy of the Chinese Consulate General in Almaty Photo by the Chinese Consulate General in Almaty

China News Service, Nur-Sultan, May 29th. On the 27th local time, the Chinese Consulate General in Almaty, the New Silk Road Foundation and the Silk Road Today jointly organized the "Prospects of China-Kazakhstan Cooperation under the New Situation and Challenges" Roundtable.About 60 people attended the meeting, including Consul General Jiang Wei, Chairman of the Hadonggan People's Federation An Husai, well-known scholar Sultanov, representatives of the media and business circles.


According to the official website of the Chinese Consulate General in Almaty, at the seminar, Jiang Wei thanked the participants for their contributions to the development of China-Kazakhstan friendly relations and the promotion of people-to-people bonds over the years.She said that China and Kazakhstan are good neighbors and permanent comprehensive strategic partners that cannot be moved away.Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 30 years ago, the two countries have always adhered to sincerity, mutual trust, equality and mutual benefit, and forged a new path of good-neighborliness, friendship, and win-win cooperation, becoming a model of inter-state relations.Under the framework of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road", the two countries have deeply aligned their development strategies, and a large number of production capacity and investment cooperation projects have been completed and benefited the people's livelihood.

Jiang Wei said that as a reliable friend and staunch partner of Kazakhstan, China is happy to see Kazakhstan realize its bright vision of building a "New Kazakhstan" as soon as possible, and is willing to share advanced technology and development experience with Kazakhstan, and continue to intensify friendly exchanges and cooperation in various fields. Create the next "Golden Thirty Years" for the development of bilateral relations.

Jiang Wei pointed out that Kazakhstan's upcoming constitutional revision and China's upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party are both major events on the political agendas of the two countries.Against the background of profound and complex changes in the international situation, China and Kazakhstan, as responsible countries in the international community, should work together for regional and global peace and stability.China always advocates a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concept, opposes the use of Cold War mentality to divide the world, and opposes unilateral bullying.It is believed that a mature and healthy China-Kazakhstan relationship can inject positive energy into regional and even world peace and development.

In addition, experts and scholars participating in the meeting also conducted extensive exchanges on cooperation and development in the fields of China-Kazakhstan economy, trade, culture, investment, personnel training and exchanges.(Finish)

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