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15th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition held in Fiji


2022-06-10 19:02:57

The Fiji preliminary round of the 15th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for foreign secondary school students was held successfully on Friday, with the participation of 10 student players from the Suva-based Yat Sen School.

Under the theme of "Fly High With Chinese," the competition included a talent show and speech in the auditorium of Yat Sen School, attracting more than 400 teachers, students and representatives of local Chinese communities.

Cheers and applause consistently erupted from the auditorium when the Chinese language contest was being held.

Kian Wendt, 16, was awarded the first prize and will participate in the final competition on behalf of Fiji.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the competition, Liu Jiangbo, director of the administrative and consular affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, said China not only has an uninterrupted civilization of thousands of years but also has become the second-largest economy in the world, with more opportunities and vitality.

"Learning Chinese will surely open up a kaleidoscope for you, with more inspirations to thrive," he added.

Warren Yee, chair of the Yat Sen School board and the Chinese education society in Fiji, said "Chinese is a world language now. When you master the Chinese language, it opens many doors to unlimited employment and travel opportunities in the world."

The competition was jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy to Fiji and the Yat Sen School.

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