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Beijing calls for concrete action to improve ties


2022-06-14 11:02:59

The Chinese and Australian national flags on a celebration event in Sydney, Australia, on Sept 8, 2019. (Photo/Xinhua)

Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Monday, highlighted the importance of healthy and stable ties between China and Australia, and called for Canberra to improve ties with Beijing through concrete action.

Healthy and stable China-Australia relations are in line with the fundamental interests and aspirations of the peoples of both countries, Wang said.

"We hope the Australian side will view China and its ties with China in a rational and positive way, and work with China to promote a sound and steady development of their comprehensive strategic partnership following the spirit of mutual respect and seeking common ground, while acknowledging differences," the spokesman said.

The crux of the difficulties is that some political forces in Australia insist on viewing China as a rival and framing China"s development as a threat, said State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi earlier this month.

Such an approach has led to significant retrogression of Australia"s positive and pragmatic China policy, a Foreign Ministry statement cited the senior diplomat as saying.

Premier Li Keqiang sent a message to Australia"s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on May 23 to congratulate him on taking the post, and expressed China"s hopes to work with Australia to promote bilateral ties, which have experienced difficulties over the past few years.

Spokesman Wang confirmed on Monday that Albanese has responded to Li"s congratulatory message.

"Unprofessional" action

In another development, spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Monday that Canadian military aircraft were acting "unprofessional and unsafe "by coming close to China"s territorial airspace multiple times provocatively.

According to a Reuters report, Canadian Defence Minister Anita Anand said China intercepting Canadian aircraft is "very concerning and unprofessional".

In response, spokesman Wang said Canadian aircraft have "seriously disrupted the order and undermined the safety of civil flights" by coming close to an area where routes of civil airlines are concentrated.

"Even so, the Chinese side has always exercised maximum restraint, dealt with it safely and professionally and avoided further deterioration of the situation," the spokesman said.

"We urge the Canadian side to respect facts, avoid abusing China"s restraint and immediately stop disseminating false information and any behavior that undermines China"s national sovereignty and security in the name of implementing UN Security Council resolutions," Wang Wenbin said.

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