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Fruits in Thailand: Bangkok-Nanning Air Route Launched The First Airborne Durian Arrives Last Weekend


2022-05-28 13:12:02

According to Nation Thailand, the first Tianjin Cargo Airlines flight carrying Thai durians landed at Nanning Airport in Guangxi on May 13, opening a new cargo route for Thai durian exports.

"This is good news for durian growers," said Alongkorn Ponlaboot, an adviser to Thailand's Ministry of Agriculture."The new cargo route will help boost air cargo between Guangxi and Thailand, especially durians, which are in high demand in China," he said.

Tianjin Cargo operates in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, but has expanded routes between Nanning and Bangkok.On April 1, after trade negotiations between China and Thailand, China opened Nanning Airport as an air port for Thai fruit exports.

Alongkorn said Thailand has also increased the volume of fruit by sea to 55 percent to ease congestion at land ports during the durian export season.The remaining 40% of Thai fruit will be exported by land and 5% by air.

He pointed out: "Last year, 52% of Thailand's fruit was exported by sea, 48% by land, and less than 1% by air.

" The flight of 20 tons of fresh mangosteen from Thailand also landed at Nanning Wuxu International Airport, marking the official inaugural flight of the "Bangkok-Nanning" imported mangosteen cross-border route.It is reported that the route is built by Beitou Port Group and plans to fly once a day, with a weekly cargo capacity of about 260 tons.

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