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The demand for Australian grapes in the Chinese market continues to grow. A variety of new varieties are available in abundance


2022-05-28 13:12:16

On May 5th, the 2022 Australian Table Grapes Online Launch Ceremony jointly organized by Taste Australia and the Victorian Government of Australia was grandly held.The event invited Brett Stevens, Chief Representative of the Victorian Government in Greater China, Nick Henderson, Deputy Commissioner of the Victorian Government in Greater China, and Jeff, CEO of the Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA). Scott, Brei Montgomery, International Trade Director of Hort Innovation, Troy Agosti, International Marketing Manager, Xiao Liang, founder of White Tiger Tunnel, and other Chinese and Australian guests participated online, attracting more than 70 domestic leading fruit and vegetable companies. of trade people and media people watch online.

Taste Australia is a brand project under the Australian Horticultural Innovation Association. Every year, it holds a series of marketing activities in important export markets such as China to vigorously support and drive overseas consumers' understanding and demand for Australian fresh agricultural products.Affected by the epidemic in many places in China and related control measures, the launching ceremony of the Australian table grape production season planned for the Chinese market was finally rescheduled to be held online this month.

The new variety

represents Victoria, Australia's main table grape producing area. Shi Wen, as the first speaker, said that 70% of Australian grapes come from Victoria. Thanks to the unique growing conditions in the state, the grapes produced are sweet and refreshing. Crispy and juicy, very suitable for export and popular with Chinese consumers.

"Fortunately, we have seen demand for Australian grapes not waning in the Chinese market during the pandemic," he said.“More than half of Victoria’s 220,000 tonnes of exports goes to the Chinese market. People love Victoria’s renowned grape varieties, including Thompson Seedless, Menindee Seedless, Crimson Seedless and Red Globe.”

However, Jeff Scott mentioned in the content shared at the meeting that with the continuous enrichment of global table grape varieties resources, Australia is also supplying many new grape varieties to overseas markets this season, including Sweet Nectar, Pristine Seedless, Long Crimson, Sweet Angie, Jack Salute, Cotton Candy and more."Crison seedless is expected to remain Australia's main export variety, but the output and export volume of new varieties are increasing." The

rich variety selection allows Australian grapes to be an ideal ingredient for various dishes in addition to fresh food .During the launching ceremony, "Star Chef" Xiao Li'ang designed three different flavored meals according to the characteristics of green grapes (green grapes), red grapes (red grapes) and black grapes (black grapes), namely: green grape tuna Tartar, red timusse, fermented black tart soda."After using it, I found that the Australian grapes are of very high quality," Xiao Liang said."Because of the diversity and flavor of Australian grapes (varietals), they are widely used in cooking."

Jeff's document cited data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to point out that in the last season as of June 2021, mainland China and Hong Kong combined 45% export share of Australian grapes.For the rest of the season, the industry expects the Chinese market to also have outstanding demand performance.

"This season (Australia) has low spring temperatures, which has delayed harvesting by three to four weeks. Therefore, the supply of grapes this season will be extended to the end of June." In addition, it is expected that a Chinese trade delegation can be organized to visit Australian grape farms after the epidemic is under control. Let importers see the production of Australian grapes with their own eyes, and establish deep friendship with local growers.

In addition, Brei Montgomery introduced the latest development of Australian grapes in his speech at the ceremony. Troy Agosti said that he will promote more online activities in the future under the epidemic situation this year.

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