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USDA report: New Zealand apple exports are lower than expected, China is the second largest export market


2022-05-28 13:13:06

New Zealand apple production and exports are set to increase slightly in the 2021/22 season, but labor shortages and heavy rains in the Hawke's Bay region have delayed the harvest, resulting in lower-than-expected production, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report. slip.

New Zealand apple production is forecast at 553,000 tonnes this season, up 3% from the previous season, but still 6% below the record for the 2019/20 season; exports are forecast at 37.5 tonnes, up 5% from the previous season, but still 6% below the record for the 2019/20 season. A 7% decrease two years ago.In addition, apple production and exports are likely to be even lower than expected due to the continued shortage of picking labor.

"Due to border closures, a reduction in overseas labor, and a large number of employees diagnosed with COVID-19, picking and packing slowed down and some lower-value apple orchards could not be harvested," the report said."Additionally, heavy rains in Hawke's Bay have delayed picking, which will also weigh on production and exports.

Growth is limited ."

In 2022, New Zealand's apple planting area will be 27,181 acres (about 11,000 hectares), the same as 2021.The increase in apple acreage in New Zealand is being blocked by labor shortages and tight supply chain controls.

"While total area is expected to remain stable, the industry will continue to upgrade older plantations by switching to newer, higher-yielding varieties and investing in new production and planting equipment," the report said. Replaced by sweeter, higher red varieties that are more attractive to the Asian market. The

report also noted that apple exports were affected by logistical delays and lack of capacity. “However, most apples are shipped from Napier Port, This is equivalent to a small port dedicated to exporting apples, which helps to mitigate the impact to a certain extent,” the report said.

In terms of export value, the largest export markets for New Zealand apples in 2021 are the European Union (12%) and mainland China (10%). , Vietnam (9%), UK (9%), Taiwan (8%), India (8%), US (7%), Thailand (6%), UAE (5%), Russia (5%) and others (twenty one%).

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