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Taiwan's "Mango Pineapple" Tai Nong No. 23 Overseas Registered Variety Rights


2022-05-28 13:13:21

According to Taiwanese media reports, the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute said on May 10 that a new pineapple (pineapple) variety they developed in 2019 has recently successfully applied for a variety right to be registered with the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The new variety, named "Tai Nong No. 23", was developed by the Chiayi Agricultural Experiment Branch of the Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, which has introduced 18 pineapple varieties to Taiwan, including the original Tai Nong No. 1 in 1934.

On May 6, the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries announced the results of the review of Tai Nong No. 23, which means that the variety rights of this new pineapple variety will be temporarily protected.Still, further scrutiny by the Japanese government is required before the breed can be fully protected by law.

The Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute said the purpose of registering the patent in Japan is to protect the exclusive intellectual property rights of the Tai Nong No. 23 brand and prevent unscrupulous suppliers from marketing the variety as their own.

It is said that Tai Nong No. 23 has the aroma of mango, the taste is delicate, and there is no obvious fiber, so it is also called "mango pineapple".In addition, the variety has a long shelf life and is therefore suitable for export.

Japan has become the main export destination for Taiwan's pineapples since mainland China stopped importing pineapples from Taiwan in February last year, according to the Taiwan Agriculture Commission.Data shows that of the 28,664 tons of pineapples exported by Taiwan in 2021, 17,850 tons will be exported to Japan, accounting for 62.3% of the total export volume.Most of the rest went to China and Hong Kong.

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