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Japan's new law requiring businesses to implant microchips in cats and dogs takes effect on June 1


2022-05-29 15:15:06

May 29. According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), Japan will implement a new law on June 1 that requires pet businesses to install microchips on cats and dogs.

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Image source: Screenshot of the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) report

The new law also requires businesses to list the names, genders and breeds of cats and dogs on an official database, the report said.

According to the local veterinarian, this chip is cylindrical, about 2 mm in diameter and about 1 cm in length, and can be installed from the neck to the shoulder blade of cats and dogs using a syringe.

The report pointed out that this move may play a positive role in preventing abandonment and searching for lost pets.

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