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Hundreds of children protest gun violence in the United States: "Will I be the next victim?"


2022-05-29 15:16:19

May 29. According to NBC's report on the 28th, less than 72 hours after the shooting in Texas, the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association of the United States was held in Houston, causing public outrage.

On the 27th local time, in the conference hall of the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association of the United States, US media footage captured such a scene, a gun enthusiast was showing his son how to hold a semi-automatic rifle. Just across the street, hundreds of protesters waved. slogan, shouting to Rifle Association members entering the convention hall.US media said that although gun enthusiasts and gun control supporters are only separated by a road, the gap between the two on the Texas shooting and gun control issues is huge.

"You are so shameless!" shouted a protester named Holder. "The children are dead, and you walk in (referring to the convention hall) with a smile as if nothing happened."

A girl the same age as the student killed in the Texas shooting held a cardboard with a red handprint on it that read "How many more children?" Another child held a photo of the victim and a placard, asking "I will A victim?"

The heartbreak and anger of protesters reflect the grief that is spreading across the United States and calls for measures to control guns.A survey by Morning Consult and Politico found that 67 percent of Americans strongly or partially support a ban on assault weapons.(Li Meng from Overseas Network)

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