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140 mango germplasm resources were put into storage Tiandong National Mango Germplasm Resource Garden


2022-05-29 16:53:45

According to Guangming Daily, a few days ago, the Institute of Tropical Crop Variety Resources of the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences put 140 mango germplasm resources widely collected from more than 30 countries (regions) in the world into the Tiandong National Mango Germplasm Resource Garden.

"In this batch of excellent germplasm, some are endangered species, some are endemic species, there are winter awn that blooms and bears off-season, four-season awn that can bloom and bear fruit all year round, and China's endemic species forest awn and the currently smallest single fruit weight. Jimang has important economic and scientific value," said the person in charge of the National Mango Germplasm Resource Nursery.

He said that the entry of these germplasm resources into the nursery further enriched the diversity of China's mango germplasm resources and helped to improve the protection capability of China's mango germplasm resources.

China is the second largest mango producer in the world. As of 2020, the mango planting area in the country has reached 5.15 million mu, with a total output of 3.31 million tons and an output value of 20.5 billion yuan, 2.41 times that of 2015.

However, while the mango industry is developing rapidly, it has also encountered development bottlenecks.For example, the optimization of variety structure is slow, the industrial chain is short, the added value of products is low, and the overall brand effect is not strong.In particular, many imported varieties and few self-bred varieties have become the deep-seated reasons that restrict the development of the mango industry.At present, self-bred varieties in China's mango industry only account for about 15% of the total planting area, resulting in serious homogeneity and little differentiation.

To this end, the Institute of Tropical Crop Variety Resources, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences has increased the collection of germplasm resources, and has cooperated with the People's Government of Tiandong County, Guangxi to build a national mango germplasm resource garden.This is the only national mango germplasm resource garden in China.

The resource garden focuses on the collection, sorting, preservation, identification, evaluation and innovative utilization of domestic and foreign germplasm resources, focusing on the collection, preservation and sorting of domestic and foreign endangered species, endemic species and mango germplasm resources with important economic and scientific value. , will overcome key breeding technologies, speed up the discovery of a batch of excellent germplasm, select a batch of high-yield and high-quality breakthrough varieties, rely on the national tropical plant germplasm resource bank to build a platform for sharing and utilization in hot areas, increase the promotion ratio of China's independent varieties, and improve the Mango seed supply guarantee capacity.

At present, 657 germplasm resources and breeding materials have been stored in the nursery, and the evaluation and identification of germplasm resources has been carried out in depth. The accurate identification of 200 germplasm resources such as color, aroma and nutritional quality has been completed, and more than 20 excellent germplasm resources have been discovered and created. More than 10 new lines of Hepin series with excellent comprehensive characters have been produced, among which Hepin No. 16 mango has been approved by the National Tropical Crop Variety Approval Committee.

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