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Thailand Announces Latest Tropical Fruit Export Plan


2022-05-29 16:55:26

According to Thailand's "National Thailand" (National Thailand) reported that the country's Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday (May 4) announced a fruit export plan, that is, this year will export 530,000 fruits to China by sea, land and air. tons of fruit.

Last year, 52 percent of Thailand's fruit exports were shipped by sea, 48 percent by land, and only 1 percent by air, said Jurin Laksanawisit, Thailand's Minister of Commerce.

He said that the four border ports of Mohan, Youyiguan, Dongxing and Pingxiang are often closed due to China's implementation of the new crown clearance policy, so the Ministry of Commerce plans to focus on exporting fresh fruits by sea.

"The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) plans to export 530,000 tonnes of fresh fruit to China this year," he said.

Laksanawisit explained that 390,000 tons (83%) of this will be carried by the five major shipping companies Cosco, SITC, Yang Ming, Maersk and Wan Hai Lines to Shekou, China (26.5%) ), Nansha (20%), Hong Kong (20%), Zhanjiang (13.5%), Xinzhou (13.5%) and Xiamen (6.5%).

“In addition, 36,000 tonnes (6.5%) will be transported to three Chinese airports via Thai Airways International, Thai Lion Air, AirAsia X and China Southern Airlines, namely Guangzhou (Guangzhou) 80%), Shenzhen (13%) and Kunming (7%),” he said.

"The remaining 10.5% will still be transported by land to various border ports. If any border port is closed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture will start negotiations with China to reopen as soon as possible."

Laksanawisit added that the ministry was in the DITP Director General's speech A preparation room was set up under the leadership to monitor fruit exports to ensure success.

The DITP expects Thailand to produce 5.36 million tonnes of fruit this year, up 11 percent year-on-year.

In the first quarter of this year, Thailand exported a total of 754,027 tons of fruit worth 33.98 billion baht (about 6.604 billion yuan).This includes 225,159 tons of fresh fruit.

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