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China now one of world's busiest countries in transportation


2022-06-10 20:02:59

China has become one of the busiest countries in the world in transportation, a transport official said Friday.

Over the last decade, the country has seen its key transport indicators including passenger and freight volume of railway, road, waterway and civil aviation, cargo throughput of ports and business volume of postal and express services rank top in the world, Vice Minister of Transport Xu Chengguang said.

In 2021, ports on average reported over 69,000 ship entries and exits, while airports saw some 26,800 take-offs and landings every day, Xu added.

In the peak traveling season, passenger trains make more than 10,000 trips and expressways see more than 60 million trips made by vehicles on average per day in 2021, the vice minister said.

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