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Susong County introduced a new policy to encourage companies to go public, with a maximum reward of 10 million yuan


2022-06-22 17:56:49

On June 22, the reporter learned at the press conference on the listing policy of enterprises in Susong County that the county has issued the "Promotion of Enterprise Listing (Listing) Support and Incentive Measures", which will be listed on the domestic stock exchange for the first time. enterprises, the county-level finance will award 10 million yuan in stages.A reward of 1 million yuan will be given to the companies planning to go public (listing) that have completed the shareholding reform in the county; a reward of 2 million yuan will be given to the companies planning to go public that have gone through the listing counseling filing registration in the county; Rewards; a reward of 5 million yuan will be given to those who are successfully listed.

The "Measures" not only greatly increase the incentives for companies to go public, but also improve the cultivation of listed (listed) backup enterprises, corporate tax subsidies, overseas listing, and relocation to other places. The specific content will support Susong County's enterprises to use the capital market to grow and develop throughout the chain from share reform, handling counseling and filing, filing for listing and issuance, and direct financing.Zuo Qingrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Susong County Party Committee and executive deputy county magistrate, introduced at the press conference.

The "Measures" clarified that during the guidance period for enterprises to go public (no more than 3 years), the county finance of enterprise income tax will reward enterprises according to 100% of the income at the county level; 50% of the income will be rewarded to the enterprise.An enterprise that has acquired the equity of a domestic and overseas listed company through mergers and acquisitions and has become the largest shareholder and has changed the industrial and commercial registration and tax registration of the domestic listed company to Susong County, with good development prospects and listed or listed on major overseas stock exchanges For enterprises whose registered place is later moved to Susong County (the main production base and taxpayer are in Susong County), the county finance will reward 4 million to 10 million yuan according to the local contribution of the enterprise in the past two years.For companies with good development prospects outside the county and with a clear listing plan (the audited financial data meets the financial conditions for listing on major domestic stock exchanges), if the place of registration, tax payment and main production bases are relocated to Susong County, according to the actual situation of the company. Necessary relocation costs will be given a one-time reward and subsidy, with a maximum of 10 million yuan; for companies with good development prospects that have moved in and successfully achieved listing within 3 years, in addition to honoring provincial, municipal and county incentives, a one-time reward will be given to the company. A reward of 5 million yuan.For enterprises that have completed the share reform and are successfully listed on the basic and innovation layers of the “New Third Board”, the county finance will give rewards of 1.5 million yuan and 500,000 yuan to the basic layer respectively (if they go directly to the innovation layer without going through the basic layer, the reward will be 2 million yuan).For companies successfully listed on the "New Third Board", if they are successfully transferred to the board in the later stage, the county finance will make up for the listing difference according to the policy.In order to reduce the burden of expenses for companies listed on the New Third Board after listing, the county finance will give the company 300,000 yuan per year for continuous supervision and annual report audit fees subsidies for companies listed on the New Third Board within 5 years from the date of listing.For the first non-sharehold reform listed company in the Provincial Equity Custody Trading Center, the county finance will give a reward of 200,000 yuan.

In order to cultivate and expand the resources of backup enterprises for listing, strengthen the awareness of the county's enterprises and government departments to make good use of the capital market, and improve the level of corporate governance and comprehensive competitiveness, the county has vigorously implemented special actions to promote the listing of enterprises to help enterprises use the capital market. High-quality develop.

"Relevant government departments have helped enterprises to unload their ideological burden, solve practical difficulties, speed up the pace of listing, and strive to achieve listing (listing) as soon as possible through a series of measures such as increasing reserve enterprise resource reserves, conducting listing counseling and training, strengthening policy support, and optimizing the market environment. ) Zero breakthrough in the enterprise." He Ruixiao, deputy magistrate of Susong County People's Government, introduced at the press conference.

It is understood that this year, the key dispatching company to be listed (listed) in the county is Susong Hanyu Stone, which is currently carrying out the second round of due diligence, and plans to apply for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the third quarter.At present, there are 6 reserve companies planned to be listed in the library, namely Lianying Holdings, Zhongtian Petrochemical, Hongai Industry, Zhongan Zhichuang, Jiangtian Sanitation, and Cornerstone Albert.

In the next step, Susong County will publish the full text of the policy and interpretation materials, carry out special training sessions, precise capital market docking, and guidance on entering enterprises, and do a good job in the interpretation and publicity of the "Measures" policy, and in-depth implementation of Susong County's promotion of enterprises The special action plan for listing provides enterprises with multi-form and comprehensive listing counseling services.

Zuo Qingrong said that in order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the county economy, Susong County resolutely implements the decision and deployment of 'one change, two for five', digs deep into the resources of back-up listed companies, continuously expands the resource pool of back-up companies for listing at the county level, and establishes top-notch services. A mechanism to help companies planning to go public solve problems collaboratively and clear obstacles for companies to go public.

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