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It's time! Oil prices adjust again


2022-06-22 17:59:27

The "12th round" price adjustment of domestic refined oil products will start on the evening of June 28.The current statistical cycle is more than halfway through, and the change rate of crude oil is -2.52%, which is converted to a downward adjustment of 135 yuan/ton. If the downward trend can be maintained in the later period, the current round of oil prices will have the opportunity to decline.

On June 21, the 5th working day, the forecast cumulative downward adjustment is 135 yuan / ton, which is converted to 0.10-0.12 yuan / liter!The oil price adjustment time is: 24:00 on June 28, 2022.

Since the beginning of this year, domestic refined oil prices have undergone 11 adjustments, including 10 increases and 1 decrease.The latest adjustment was at 24:00 on June 14, the domestic gasoline price was increased by 390 yuan/ton, and the diesel price was increased by 375 yuan/ton.

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