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Provincial Tea Industry Association went to Xiangxi Prefecture to carry out legislative research on tea industry


2022-06-22 18:01:59

In order to further do a good job in industrial legislation, promote the implementation of the "Hunan Province Tea Industry Development Promotion Regulations" as soon as possible.From June 15th to 19th, Wang Zhun, Secretary-General of the Provincial Tea Industry Association, led a team to investigate the development of the tea industry in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture.

The research team went deep into Longshan County, Guzhang County, Huayuan County, Jishou City tea industry base, tea companies and cooperatives. The research team learned about the tea industry germplasm in Xiangxi Prefecture in detail through on-the-spot inspection, listening to reports and communicating with the person in charge of the company. Resource protection, tea processing, industrial integration, and tea production and sales channels during the epidemic.

At the symposium, the responsible comrades of Xiangxi State Agriculture and Rural Bureau, State Tea Office, County and City Tea Office, State-level Leading Enterprises, State Tea Association, and State Academy of Agricultural Sciences Tea Research Institute introduced the development of the tea industry in Xiangxi State, and reported the seedlings. Achievements in breeding, production and processing technology, integration of the three industries, etc., and put forward suggestions for industrial legislation.

Wang Zhun said that he would conscientiously sort out, summarize, study and absorb the reasonable opinions and suggestions put forward at the symposium, and further improve the interpretation and interpretation of the regulations. "Progress" action, actively use platforms such as Xiangpai teahouses, strengthen publicity, seek breakthroughs, and promote the high-quality development of the tea industry in western Hunan.

At the meeting, the two sides also conducted docking on the 14th Hunan Tea Industry Expo in 2022 and other related matters.Tian Kehu, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Xiangxi Prefecture People's Congress, Man Rongfu, Director of the Agricultural and Rural Committee of the State People's Congress, Shi Chunzhi, Chief Agronomist of the State Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Yang Xuehua, Director of the State Tea Industry Development Center, and Peng, Director of the Tea Research Institute of the State Academy of Agricultural Sciences Pan Chunxin, President of Yun and State Tea Association, participated in the investigation and discussion.

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