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The biopharmaceutical sector fell 0.66%, and Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical rose 10.03% to top the list


2022-06-22 18:02:14

China Economic Net, Beijing, June 22 hearing today, the overall biomedical sector fell 0.66%, of which 44 stocks rose, 3 stocks were flat, and 121 stocks fell.

Data show that as of today, the biomedical sector has risen by 0.21% in the past week, 4.26% in the past month, and -10.10% in the past quarter.

Among them, Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical, Wanze Co., Ltd., Xinbang Pharmaceutical, China Pharmaceutical, and Xiangxue Pharmaceutical ranked the top five in the sector growth list, with increases of 10.03%, 9.97%, 5.87%, 5.12%, and 4.34% respectively.

Palin Biology, Aolian Electronics, Haichuang Pharmaceutical, China Baoan, and Hairong Cold Chain ranked the bottom five in the sector growth list, with increases of -8.70%, -6.07%, -5.03%, -4.64%, and -4.32 respectively. %.

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