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749,700 yuan of unemployment insurance and post-employment return funds have benefited 49 enterprises


2022-06-22 18:04:27

Since the beginning of this year, Shuangpai County has accelerated the implementation of the unemployment insurance policy of stable job return, and fully implemented the "free application and enjoy" stable job return handling service model to help enterprises Stabilize employment and boost confidence. At present, the first batch of unemployment insurance stabilizing return funds of 749,700 yuan have been fully distributed, benefiting 49 enterprises, and 100% of the eligible enterprises have been returned in place.

Nanling Civil Explosion Shuangpai Branch is a secondary branch of Xiangke Holding Group, which mainly researches, develops, produces and sells civil blasting equipment and chemical products. As of June this year, the company has 327 employees. Affected by the epidemic and the general market environment, not only the company's efficiency has been affected to a certain extent, but the pressure to stabilize the workforce is also increasing. Hu Jianbing, the deputy general manager, calculated an account. In 2021, the company paid more than 180,000 yuan for unemployment insurance. According to the 90% return ratio stipulated by the policy, the company has received a total of more than 160,000 yuan in return funds for stable employment. He said: "The arrival of this fund is the real support and concern of the party and the government for our company, and it also reflects the party and the government's concern for the company's workforce, which further strengthens our confidence in the development of our company."

Also enjoying policy dividends is Yongzhou Jiante Technology Co., Ltd. located in Shuangpai Industrial Development Zone. Yang Shuang, deputy general manager of the company's administration, introduced that the company pays nearly 200,000 yuan in employee social security fees each year. The return funds received this time will be used for employee social security payments and related employee training, which can better stabilize the workforce. , to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise, and truly reduce the burden on the company.

In order to help enterprises solve their difficulties, this year Shuangpai County continued to expand the scope of benefits from the unemployment insurance policy of stabilizing jobs. , foundations, social service agencies, law firms, accounting firms, and individual industrial and commercial households participating in insurance in the form of units shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations with reference to enterprises.

Liao Yanguo, deputy director of the county employment service center, said: "In order to ensure that the policy is in place, our center arranges staff to compare data in advance, promote methods such as "free application and enjoy", speed up the return progress, and ensure the first time to return funds for stable jobs Distributed to participating companies.”

In the next step, Shuangpai County will further strengthen policy publicity, through on-site visits and centralized publicity, to encourage more enterprises to participate in paying unemployment insurance, further stabilize the workforce, and help the sustainable development of enterprises.

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